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"a joyful community"

Student Life

Participating in a joyful learning community is very significant in the intellectual formation of students. Young students, especially, are susceptible to the behavior of those around them. No school is able to accomplish its primary mission of intellectual instruction apart from a vibrant and enthusiastic community of learners.

The Lyceum vision proposes a community of learners that does not include just the students, but also a community of learners that includes the faculty and the parents. When students see the integrity of the pursuit of truth fulfilled in their peers and the adults around them, they are able to be filled themselves with a love for learning. Similarly the moral life of the young is fostered most effectively by the good example of the community in which they live.

The Lyceum, therefore, is conscious of the fact that it cannot accomplish its mission of forming Catholic liberally educated ladies and gentlemen apart from also fostering and encouraging a wholesome learning community! To that end the school sees a significant role for including various things in its daily schedule that are not strictly academic such as regular times for prayer and fun.